We have had a very busy month and a half since the arrival of our first OAT scholarship recipient, Yura!


Arriving officially at the cusp of spring, Yura was also fortunate enough to experience our Canadian Winter! Yura quickly settled into her English as a Second Language certificate course through the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. There she successfully completed her one month program with an A-!

Yura has settled in very nicely at her homestay home. She has observed, after living in a family home situation that life with a husband and family is actually desirable and so much better than living alone, which was her thinking before arriving here.

When not in school, Yura has a full schedule participating in observerships at the CK Clinic and also Dr. Tai’s family practice offices. When not adding Canadian work experience to her resume, she has been busy seeing all the sights of Toronto. She has been to see the cherry blossoms at High Park with her homestay family, Niagara Falls in the rain and has even been where many of us will never venture, Canada Wonderland’s newest rollercoaster, the Yukon Striker.

As we head into the second half of Yura’s stay, we continue to be very appreciative of the many hands who have made this experience possible.